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Quality skylights make all the difference to the interior of a commercial building. If your skylights are in need of repair or replacement, FHS Roofing Ltd can help.

As skylights deteriorate the material becomes more opaque and thinner increasing the risk of developing cracks and blowing out in strong winds. 

Replacing the skylights is one way of lightening up an old dull interior and can give a whole new feel to a building - especially in the middle of winter. Unfortunately new buildings often use low-grade skylights. You can tell if it's low quality because the material dulls and goes yellow quickly.

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FHS Roofing Ltd uses high quality materials for skylight replacement. We stand behind Durolite GC and Topglass GC for their durability and strength. These brands also provide trafficable woven fibre-glass options to improve the safety of your roof. 


To avoid leaks in frosty conditions, FHS Roofing Ltd use a film underlay that doesn’t deteriorate quickly – as is often the case if a cheaper grade is used. We use a 200 micron U.V stabilised film underlay.

Repairing or replacing commercial skylights should only be done by experienced roofers.

It should go without saying that we do not recommend you attempt to repair or fix the skylights on your commercial or industrial building yourself. Neither should you engage builders or other trades for this type of job. This is best left to experienced roofers who have a wealth of knowledge of the finer points of this job and are also health and safety trained.