Skylight Replacement

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Skylight Repairs
Skylight Repairs
Skylight Replacement
Skylight Replacement
Skylight  Maintenance
Skylight Maintenance
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Skylight replacement and maintenance

Quality skylights make all the difference to the interior of a commercial building. If your skylights are in need of repair or replacement, FHS Roofing Ltd can help.

  • Lightening up an old dull interior
  • New feeling to an old roof
  • Five year workmanship warranty
  • Manufacturer material warranty 
  • Minimised disruption to existing tenants
  • Work outside normal hours available

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Protect your asset

As skylights deteriorate the material becomes more opaque and thinner increasing the risk of developing cracks and blowing out in strong winds. Avoid these potential risks.

  • Leaks in frosty conditions 
  • Internal damage 
  • Long term expense 
  • External damage 
  • Loss of light from yellowing mertials 


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It should go without saying that we do not recommend you attempt to repair or fix the skylights on your commercial or industrial building yourself.

Neither should you engage builders or other trades for this type of job. This is best left to experienced roofers who have a wealth of knowledge of the finer points of this job and are also health and safety trained. 

How the process works

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Get in touch

If you need more information or a roof assessment, give us a call, or send us an email.

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Receive a quote

If you’re after a specific service our helpful team can provide a quote. We do offer site visits and can make a job assessment on what needs to be done and sort out a quote from there.

Have the job done
Have the job done

We’re experts in our field and our helpful roofers will get the job done right the first time, with little disturbance to you, your tenants, or other buildings.

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