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With over 90 years behind us we have seen almost every roofing problem the industry has to offer. Roof leak investigation is one of the first things that our staff are trained in as we know it is important to know what makes a roof leak to ensure we do not make those mistakes ourselves. Our staff are very experienced in identifying and resolving roof leaks.

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Please be aware we may charge for our callouts as finding the cause of a roof leak and the best solution can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming exercise. We thank you for your understanding.

Unless the roof leak is not causing any inconvenience our standard practice is to carry out any repairs we can on our first vist.


Common causes of roof leaks include:

  • poor design of flashing details

  • poorly installed roof-mounted plant

  • general deterioration

  • insufficient drainage

  • seismic damage

  • deteriorated/damaged gutters and flashings

  • build-up of debris and dirt

  • the wrong type of roofing material

  • the wrong type of roofing installer!